Anti-Aquino Hypocrisy

The disqualification case against Grace Poe is not about infringing democracy. It is about enforcing the rule of Law. Even if arguendo, that foundlings are presumed to be natural-born citizens the fact of the matter is, she was an American citizenship at the time of her candidacy. Using a foreign passport is considered as owing allegiance to a foreign State, She lied about her nationality and residency which under current laws and jurisprudence, recently enforced as lately in Arnaldo vs COMELEC (2015) dictate that she be disqualified from running. That is all there is too it. Dura Lex Sed Lex.

The GRP Editorial team are being downright hypocritical in their stance. Grace Poe’s disqualification is about the rule of law. The disqualification is about making sure that laws are applied equally and for all. For an opinion site that’s got a hard on for autocracy masquerading as “discipline” ” you’d think they’d be more cohesive in their editorial line.


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