digos city

1st Korean Resto in Digos City opens

Are you up for a spicy ramyeon challenge?

Along Roxas Extension is Digos City’s newest novelty treat. A tricycle ride away from Avenue One Hotel is Jin Bin Korean BBQ and grill. Outside the resto is a small outdoor kitchen that would be confused as a regular eatery save for its billboard with large hangul characters. Inside the small, seemingly dingy room are large posters offering the foreign culinary novelties available only recently in downtown Davao City.

Korean BBQ is recognized the world over for its unique style of do-it-yourself cooking. Jin Bin is no exception as adventurous foodies can order bulgogi and watch how the grill sizzles the meat at the tables. Jin Bin offers unlimited samgyeopsal for Php 249. Other servings include gimbap or Korean sushi and ramyeon. But the meal Jin Bin is increasingly making a mark on is its spicy ramyeon. The leseutolang offers a free spicy ramyeon meal for Php 99.00 – if you can gobble it down under 30 minutes. Winners are honored in the walls of the restaurant as equally as those who fail in the attempt.

Jin Bin was opened last March by Jonas Faye Cafican, who is married to a Korean. Faye enjoys cooking as a hobby. The couple decided to open the restaurant after getting tired of having to travel to Davao every time to enjoy the native food of her husband’s homeland.

Jin Bin


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