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Rotary shares gifts of good health and nutrition with kids

rotary-gift to the world

The Rotary Club of South Digos shares with the children in its joyous celebration of the club’s founding anniversary. The Rotarians of South Digos commemorate the 12th founding anniversary after the club’s chartering in July 30, 2003. The Rotary Club remembers as it officially became established after its sponsorship from the Rotary Club of Davao. Rotary Club President RTN Teodorico Dofiles II achieved the dual task through rescheduling the anniversary celebration to July 31, 2015. The reschedule coincided with the anniversary celebration of the nation’s nutrition month.

From their jump-off point at Avenue One Hotel in Digos City, the Rotarians with guests from the 39th Infantry Battalion and  Provincial Health Workers paraded in a motorcade through Digos City. Our kapatids (roughly: siblings) then traveled to the neighboring municipality of Sta. Cruz, Davao del Sur. The motorcade arrived at Madre Maria Pia Notari Elementary School in Jose Rizal St. of Sta. Cruz. The sisters of the school were gracious and provided the Rotary and guests with breakfast and refreshments.

The kapatids then mingled inside the school with other parents and teachers. The Rotarians were regaled with presentations from the children. The presentations reminded and educated the people of the need for good nutrition and exercise to keep healthy. As the students presented their dance and talents numbers, the Rotarians also presented their own gifts. The club of South Digos gave their gifts of time, talent and treasures through a medical mission and feeding program for the young students.

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The club members and guests each fulfilled the tasks for the mission. They provided food, medicines and dental services in their respective booths. The Rotarians and guests provided these services to the 150 students and parents. The health workers from the province assisted in the distribution of the medical supplies. Cpl Marcelino Bagood from the 39th Infantry Batallion escorted and secured the safety of the event for the entire duration.

The medical mission and feeding program is Rotary Club of South Digos’s answer to Rotary’s International President K.R. Ravindran’s call for Rotarians to be a “gift to the world”. The President’s call is the theme for Rotary year 2015-2016.


Teodorico Dofiles II


Ardeen Roy C. Diamante



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