social good

Pre-loved Rotary Items on Sale!


Members of the Rotary Club of South Digos are now selling off “pre-loved” items for social good. Club President RTN Teodorico “Jojo” Dofiles is inviting everyone to the club’s garage sale. Interested individuals can select items of various design and quality which are still wonderful to use. Thus making the sale a fancier version of the ukay-ukay.The proceeds of the sale will go to funding more activities of the Rotary 3860 club.

The items are donations from various Rotarians from their own personal effects. The sale now includes clothes, books, jewelry and other small items. The best bargain of which comes from South Sea pearl necklaces from RTN Beth. Rotary club members are expected to add more items to the pile.

So if you feel for a bit of bargain hunting come on down to the Rotary’s garage sale!

The event is running from July 4-8, 2015 at Jaskin Pawnshop near Sunga Hospital in Digos City.


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