#Kinsaya sa Digos!

Talk N’Text, the Davao Region’s number 1 cellular brand, is running the nationwide marketing tour: #kinsaya. Celebrating 15 years of its operations in the country, the SMART Communications sister company is organizing nationwide concerts across select locations. It would be strange to think that small town Digos would be a venue for such a gathering, but since TnT does this pretty much every year, sufficed to say,  Murphy’s Law really did Digosenos good on that fateful June day.

I was invited to take part in the celebrations by Davao Bloggers Society with am FB comment. Being part of Avenue One Hotel’s marketing team, I hit two birds with one stone as guests (Jhong Hilario, Mariel Rodriguez, Basilio, Jericho Rosales and Steven Silva) and retinue were booked the night after at the hotel. Seeing as how the invite practically segued in into my work life, I segued right in wished I wasn’t such a klutz for losing my cellphone cams.

Arriving at Rizal Park, I saw the grand organizing festivities as Talk N Text placed various booths and festivities which transformed the entire park into a perya.  Even at the hot-noon sun the crowd still gathered for the pre-event festivities including give-aways and dirty jokes from a professional comedian from Manila. I was then given an all-access VIP pass for the night’s festivities. Which I then summarily abused for a freebie goodie lunch, dinner and a show!


With Glen from Escape Manila and TnT’s digital marketing duo.


I can’t believe the gave me this!

Returning to my home-base I was then baffled by the sight of my comrades at the hotel. As luck would have it they too would be spending that fateful afternoon gawking at the sight and selfie opportunities of the artists who would come.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So as we pretty much waited for the entire afternoon for the stars to fall down from the sky, the rupture at Rizal Park began to escalate. I knew then I had to come back and bring a camera to take pictures. Which fate and my supervisor reluctantly lent me. As the concert progressed, so too did the intermittent rains. As the contractually obligated stars sang their mandated five song acts the crowds began to grow wild. Steven Silva owned the songs. Basilio rapped in the showery rain. Jericho Rosales seduced the crowds with his presence alone. While the band Rock Steady ended the show at midnight.

The highlight for the crowd however was not the celebrities but the winner of Talk N Text’s “gameshow” event. Hosted by Mariel Rodiguez, the winner was weaned from the crowd from the usual gameshow fares. Selected from the crowd was a 5-6 debt collector. The tensest moment of the night was when her spin-a-win choice landed in the line between violet and orange.  I’ll let you guess which color she chose.


This was horribly tense for everyone in the crowd.

The most memorable act of the entire concert however was Jhong Hilario and his wardrobe. Bringing his Showtime skit into Rizal Park he mesmerized the crowd by bringing a woman into the stage. Summarily gyrating his body over said woman then realizing he actually had a boyfriend so chose the best friend instead. Then continuing with the gyration and overtly explicit sexual innuendos.



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