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Rotary 3860 flies high with the Tabanog Festival!

Heritage. The legacies worth preserving. Before the age of  internet and video games, there were street games. The patinteros, the tumbang presos and tigso. Simple games for simple times.

As modernity crashes forward many of these relics are lost to the emerging popularity of Clash of Clans and sedentary vices. But, nostalgia is a powerful string. Tugging at our hearts like awful telenovela remakes.

With new advances, the ancient arts become a quaint curiosity. Yet antiques of ages past is a worthy thing to share. So as the Saint Michael’s School of Padada Batch 80 (Batch 80) and the municipality of Padada, Davao del Sur held its fourth Tabanog Festival, the Rotary Club of South Digos couldn’t help but pitch in a few things to such a worthy cause. For who else than older kids can appreciate simpler things and simpler times?

The Tabanog Festival in Padada is currently the fourth iteration which started in 2012. Held in the Cemetary Grounds of Padada, the location is perfect as it holds a large open ground and good winds for kite flying. The organizers also hoisted a line of flags to trace the strength and direction of wind flow. The kite festival was held last May 23-24, 2015.

Kites, known locally in Cebuano as tabanogs can come in various shapes and sizes. There are simple flat kites and 3-D kites. The materials can be simple paper, plastic and a bamboo or complex pieces that are more paper mache. Indeed the range of possibilities are only restricted by imagination and the laws of thermodynamics.


To keep in theme with the event, the Rotary club commissioned kite-makers in the municipality to create a custom-made kite.

To teach kids the art of kite-making the organizers were fortunate to invite the Kite Association of the Philippines, Mike Basit from Pampangga. The half-day workshop provided participants with a few tools to make their own kite. The Rotary participated in the event by fashioning their own kites as well as providing meals for the participants.

After the workshop, the Rotary members then decided to test the sky-worthiness of their commissioned kite. Sure enough the kite flew straight and true in the winds.

The exciting part of the festival occurred at the second day of the festival. The contestants paraded various kite designs. Alas some of the outstanding designs were disqualified because they couldn’t fly. Distinguished guests included the Department of Tourism’s Region XI Director and Davao del Sur Board Member Jason Joyce.


The Tabanog Festival prizes and trophies.

Rotary 3860 of South Digos is a proud sponsor and kite flyer during the 4th Tabanog Festival.


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