A Canadian’s Pamamanhikan

One of the cool things about Avenue One is the number of foreign guests that check-in: Australians, Canadians, Americans etc.,. Some overseas guests stay for weeks on end. Some visit friends and family. Others are just looking for good places to travel and have fun. These guests make life for the staff at One a little more interesting as we get to hang out with cool people. We get to interact with them even in an informal manner.

Another reason they find about staying is the relative affordability of similar products and services. When compared to their home countries or even more expensive hotels, Avenue One competes like the famed Chinese phone manufacturer Xiaomi. Which is a techie way of saying we provide value for money. Unlike other bigger hotels that seem more like factories and standardize their approach towards the hospitality service.

One of those guests was Mr. Daniel Ewington of Canada. Mr. Daniel came to the hotel to visit his fiancee’s parents in Sulop town of Davao del Sur (18km south of Digos). Coincidentally, Mr. Ewington got to support his fiancee’s pageant tilt with the help of the ever helpful staff of One. Staying for three weeks in the hotel, he found the hotel as he was looking for a good place to stay beforehand in the internet.  Thanks to the effort of yours truly.

Though amateurs in the marketing gig, we do know that an important tool for selling is social proof. So we then interrogated (politely) Mr. Ewington for an interview and an honest review of the hotel. He said he picked the hotel because it was cheap (Php 1,800/day) and made you feel at home. Even going so far as to say we’re better than Sheraton or Hilton’s.

Mr. Daniel also added that the best thing about the hotel is our manager Sir Jojo Dofiles. Which is of course in no way influenced by the staff’s desire to get raises. We, after all, just got insurance coverage lately.


We didn’t even have to pay for this review.


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