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AXA-ION: insurance online

I was invited to Seda Abreeza last March 19 for a Davao Bloggers event for AXA-ION’s launch event. .When I arrived there I was able to meet up with the company’s marketing and Gang Badoy look/sound-alike Maya del Rosario. Maya talked about how AXA-ION is designed to help OFWs and the need for effective brand marketing.

AXA-ION is the country’s first e-commerce insurance site targeted for the “accidental market” for OFWs. So to pay my dues to the company for a full-course meal in Seda Abreeza let me first introduce how traditional insurance is signed in the Phiippines. How AXA is ‘redefining standards’ in e-commerce and why you should get a policy from the company,

For reference


A few months back while I was working for an American-based insurance company in the Philippines (hint hint) I cornered a client from Jose Abad Santos town – a hundred kilometers away from Davao City. To get to the place you have to traverse meandering highways, dirt roads carved from mountains and rivers that the DPWH should be sued for not build bridges across. It’s been improved a lot since the last five years when the roads were steeper but fjord-like from the mountain are roads that Mother Nature is reclaiming from her bosom.

So after seven hours of travel we get to the place and finally signed the client. Then I forgot to let the client sign a few dashes and voila  I had to repeat the process again just to finally corner the client.

With AXA you never have to fight with the inconvenience. Recently, the Insurance Commission issued revised guidelines on e-commerce. Even if you’re abroad you can still buy the coverage plan by just signing up online. You can then pay through online. A confirmation call will then follow soon after.

axa ion

The shop has four plans to offer:

1. Health Exentials with critical condition coverage as high as Php 1,000,000

2. Savings Exentials with Php 390,000 savings fund

3. Academic Exentials which can pay as high as Php 74,426 every year for four years of college


4. Life Exentials with guaranteed 60 months payout of up to a Php 1,500,000

The good thing about AXA’s insurance lineup is that they offer guaranteed returns. For as low as 1,000 every month you can get coverage up to millions. This is important as many Filipinos abroad return home with hardly any savings. With the ION shop you can get covered without the hassle of travelling the country back and forth. Like I did.





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