Rice Congress in Davao del Sur

Rice is big business in the Philippines. As the home country for the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) the country’s developmental knowledge on agriculture is decades ahead of most countries when it comes to the food staple for Southeast Asia. Locally, rice in Davao del Sur and Banaybanay, Davao Oriental is recognized for its quality and texture. Indeed, rice is an important business and economic need for Filipinos. Thus the busyness for this day in Avenue One.

Digos City plays host today for the 1st National Rice Technology Forum and Lakbay Aral. The theme for this first conference being: ASEAN Integration: Towards Rice Competitiveness. The three day event is organized by the Department of Agriculture, the province of Davao del Sur, Digos City and municipality of Hagonoy. The event is also being sponsored from big-name agri-businesses such as Syngenta and Sinochem. The conference is gathering hundreds of farmers and rice traders from across the country to inform the Filipino rice industry of the risks and opportunities of the 2015 ASEAN integration.

One of the conference’s participant is GMA 7’s Renzo Vergara. He is also staying at the hotel for a few days. He’s been hired by the sponsors to serve as entertainment for the duration.

As Avenue One’s social media marketeer, I was tasked with covering the event for some photo-ops with the hotel’s guests. The hotels is currently full as the flood of people streaming across the country are looking for a good place to stay. Sadly, even with a closer hotel, delegates would rather stay at One. Sadly.

If any of you are interested in visiting the booths, don’t forget to check out the free photoshoot, ice cream and shwag.


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