Avenue One Hotel: It’s more fun in Digos City


I was lucky enough to come at the right time last Saturday, October 18. I just went to visit the new hotel in Digos City helmed by Jojo Dofiles, Cor Jesu College’s former Alumni Director and hotelier extraordinaire. When I came into the hotel I was just expecting to view the rooms and amenities. But ever the host, Mr. Dofiles invited me to partake in the celebrations for the hotel’s groundbreaking. Probably because it would have been rude to eject me out of the building. My recommendation (if you’re one of the few to read this) would be to take a look. The hotel’s got great vibes and an ambience oddly reminiscent of many cozy modernist art exhibits in Manila.

When I had the chance to talk with Mr. Dofiles about the business plan for the hotel, he said that the target market would be budget backpackers from abroad who climb Mount Apo. Apparently, many backpackers prefer to stay in Davao Hotels. The plan would be to tap into the market since domestic tourism isn’t exactly a reliable source of income.

As I joined in the festivities, as I was intimidated by how “bongga” and “sosyal” the guest and performers were. The one who best stood out among them was Hebe Bartolome, a Pinoy singer/songwriter best known for Dukha. Hebe also created the hotel’s jingle (see, sosyal!) There was also for some reason Jao Mapa, a 90’s hearthtrob, in the party.

As I just ate, talked and drank in the entire affair, I had a chance to talk with Mr Bartolome, who coincidentially is also the songwriter for Kung Walang Pag-Ibig – a song you have never heard before but you probably should. I also chatted with my buddies from CJC.

So as I surveyed the place, it’s design is primarily based on parallel and diagonal lines that intersect or match the building. This gives the designer leeway in merging art with functionality. I mean this not as a cliche but as an ethos which allows you to build ladders into the wall as if it merges with the building. It even has a fire exit that looks like a decorative facade.

The second thing you notice is how uniquely Filipino it is. Along with the usual modern design fares, you also get the chance to sit on one of Kevin Cobunpue’s  chair – worth hundreds of thousands. It was sourced directly from Cebu and apparently the kind of furniture that graces the homes of Hollywood artists. I don’t really have to mention art pieces .from the Philippine contemporary art scene but you should view those too. Also the names of the rooms are from the streets of Manila.

The premises also include a gym, a convenience store, office spaces for rent, two conference rooms, a cafe, a social hall and a salon.

So if ever you’re looking for a cheap place to stay in Digos City or hold an event, I suggest at Avenue One Hotel. “A place where we simply create and innovate home……“. At least that’s what the jingle says. I just like it because it’s cheap and comfy at Php349 per night.

Avenue One Hotel 2


for details or reservations contact the front office at 272-1434 or at 09424740088.

Or if you’ve come by this site by pure happenstance you can check out their facebook page.



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