Alibin Resign?

The following blog is culled from a comment from the blogsite of the Lefthandedsnake. The writer is (in)famous for the “USEP is a bukot-bukot” comment he made on facebook once. 

From the Alibin Resign Movement:

ARM Information Bulletin No. 5
S. 2013

We believe that Dr. Alibin does not deserve the office of the president of this university. By his excesses, mismanagement and devious schemes for personal gain and to further his vested interest, he has tarnished the image of that office as well as that of the university. Moreover, we are convinced that he has no legal authority to hold that office since his reappointment as president violated RA 8292.
Among others, we are deeply disturbed by the fact that he has politicized the Board of Regents, a phenomenon unprecedented in the long history of USeP. Any issue brought to the Board where he has a stake on has become politicized. He uses his vested interest as a litmus test to choose and support people who will sit in the Board so he can manipulate it to get what he wants. We observed that his schemes have divided the Board. While a minority in the Board is honestly dealing with an issue on its merits, his allies—people in the BOR he had a hand in their election to the Board–are bringing the issue up purely for political gain and the personal advantage of their “benefactor”. The word politicized has become a negative label instead of merely a process to arrive at decisions based on the merits of an issue.
At present, next to USeP being labeled by other political camps as “Nograles University”, his political and politicized alliances has brought to the BOR personalities whose motives for being in the Board are not beyond question. What kind of a BOR do we have now? The recent additions, who are supposed to be private sector representatives, are a media person and the other another lawyer, the latter a certified politician with political ambition. So now, we have three lawyers in the Board, including the new alumni board member who is a close ally of Dr. Alibin. There are none from private business, industry, the development community and the like. How and why were they elected to the BOR? Since it was a matter of numbers, certainly the political maneuvers of Dr. Alibin and his allies in the BOR placed them there.
Traditionally, private sector representatives in the BOR come from any of business, agriculture, industry and the like in order to represent all stakeholders of the university in the BOR. That was the practice in the past. We are certain Dr. Alibin knew about this. As President and CEO of the University, he could have influenced the BOR to keep this in mind when they voted for private sector representatives in the Board.
Is this the kind of president we have who allows him to be cowed by politicians and even “kowtow” to them?
Did you know that Dr. Alibin again outsmarted the BOR? Recall that he allowed his two private sector cronies to overstay in office in the USeP BOR. This time, he allowed the student representative to sit in the last May and June 2013 BOR meetings even as that student representative already graduated last April 2013! This again contradicts the law (RA 8292) which says that: “The president of the faculty and alumni associations and the student regents or trustees shall sit in the board until expiration of their term of office in such capacities.” But of course, he needed the student’s vote to confirm his reappointment, reason why he prevailed upon him to continue sitting in the BOR. Now, Dr. Alibin has gifted that former student representative with employment in the university!


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