Majority Floor Leader, Health Committee


In my participation for the 10th NYP, I was deputized by NYC Commissioner Kit Cruz to become the Majority Floor Leader for the Health Committee. I had to take over the job since we had a political vacuum after our leadership decided to all not work at the same time when at the most critical juncture, we had to get our sh*t together. My instincts kicked in after our committee secretary was elected as the President for the Parliament. Having experience with failing to back-up my leaders that led to destructive consequences (i.e. the worst Intramurals in school history) my gut eventually went overdrive and  picked up the slack.

So overnight:

I passed two resolutions using a Macintosh word-editing software (it ain’t MS Office). Which is cool because it was owned by the chick who got elected President. Also, it was my first time I actually got to use a Mac by my lonesome hehe.

I learned the basics of a custom-built parliamentary procedure.

And single-handedly saved the Health Committee from falling apart.

But anyway we pulled through in the end so keribels.


Election Night and Puyatan with Fellow Officers (c) Ivy de los Santos


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