Praxis: Campus Leadership from a really lazy person.

Right now, I’m on my late night (or is it early morning?) reading binges on the internet. I cannot finish a full book since that would waste my internet time from a 3G iPad. Also my ADD is showing and I can’t finish any of the really good texts from John Boyd and Thucydides. Yes, I’m reading and rereading theories of leadership in order to apply them in an increasingly harder curriculum and schedule thanks to me being Vice-President of our school. So far, it hasn’t gone so well. We’ve missed our target schedules and lost time with our General Assembly last Friday when our schedule conflicted with those meddling kids from High School. Then again if there’s one thing playing Heroes of Might and Magic 3 has taught me, never quit and always save your game. I know we’ll make it in time as we learn from our experiences and slowly accumulate the momentum to really reach out to the students. 


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