Cassandra’s Tears

If one should know that two people can never be together despite all the chemistry – hey our friends say so, that you belong to someone else and one’s Fate lies somewhere else, what can anyone do? Reject her unequivocally? How can you! When you have to work with each other everyday and pretend we’re  just “friends”. Hah! Like that’s gonna happen.

Every time when we are together my whole soul kindles. Or when you touch me like you always do with other people or when you stare at you with doe eyes – An energy infuses me that not even nicotine can match. Yet when you leave me, the high comes crashing down. Like a sugar rush that has run its course.

It has been my personal experience to hate or ignore what I cannot have. When you want something so badly your heart aches when it’s not around and a warmth envelops you when it’s close, the only healthy option is to let it go. Trust me. I learned it the hard way.

It is a lesson I have learned – and I think a lot more people older than me have not – painfully well. It is doubly important when the future is not a fog to you but a clear path whose tragedies are already given to you beforehand. Knowledge, which like Cassandra before us, cannot save us from the pain. Useless foreknowledge which we’d rather disdain,

In the future, when you’ve had your three kids and a new lover to keep you warm at night after your husband’s passing, would we be still “friends” then? Until then though, what happens now?


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