Juanonymous Strikes Back!

A few years ago, the greatest purveyor of Pinoy memes and general retardedness, Pinoychan was an excellent spot for the budding indigenous chan culture of the Philippines. Sure, we maybe a little late when it comes to trends (see planking as an example) but when we do reach the zenith we make up for lost time with enthusiasm and grand scale. At the time it was the best place to see lame memes that best represented who we are as a culture: bigoted, religiously fanatic and undoubtedly resentful of ‘pangos‘ who did not fit in to their concept of beauty.  Even though the site was broken down because of child pornography – who would post such a thing?! –  the anonymous culture lives on! Apparently with a vengeance.

The recent passage of the cybercrime bill sent the entire blogosphere into an uproar with many of our countrymen giving it the mandatory comparison to Martial Law. As celebrity blogger and Administration lackey Manuel Quezon III tells us, that probably isn’t a good idea if you do not want to see the Marcoses restored in power. Since invoking it every time just makes the horrors and repression of the era pale in comparison. That did not stop some intrepid pinoy anonymous though to resist  the draconian edict of the ‘e-Martial Law’.


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