Nostalgic Demon Bashing

In the late 90’s Diablo 2 was a game people played in internet cafes when there was no one else to play Counter-Strike. It featured adventures and dungeons leagues away from the text and pixel based games of Nintendo consoles. It wasn’t your ultra-brainy Age of Empires or soul-less shooter; it was manliness and geekiness perfected into one.

My life as a middle-class, latchkey kid in a third world country meant, however, the best I could have hoped to spend on this game  was a few hours before a character account had to be made again. Thanks largely to the ephemeral nature of renting a computer and competing with greasy fingers. This was of course, before Diablo III made gaming impossible to rip off from Blizzard.

Now that this game is installed in the laptop, my childhood fantasy of bashing someone’s head off is finally being fulfilled.

Burn baby burn.


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