Here we go again….

Back in June, we were able to invite COMELEC-Digos in behalf of LENTE; and establish a one-day satellite registration office here in our campus. Due to my own failure of informing the broad public, enlisting the school’s support,rushing the election bureau and arriving late, the event fails in being at par with the previous 2009 registration. In did not help that our oratorical group had its own poetry-reading festival occupying the same area they did. While that could have worked out a lot better it wasn’t all wasted because of the searing insight gained in personally organizing the event and working my ass off to get there.

When we roved around, my first mission was to drum up first time voters, including those who will turn 18 come May 13, 2013 – so if you do so please register in your local COMELEC office. Only some were even amenable to the idea. Most were just lazy, unimaginative and irresponsible seventeen-year-olds. Which of course saddened me since the full potential of elections have yet to be realized  – more than 10 million eligible voters are unregistered.

Recurring activities….

It is a problem with Filipinos that we as a people often arrive just when a deadline is about to be reached – or at the “last minute”. If not that, usually we just do not  bother showing up at all. Which unfortunately applies to the democratic un-participation of Pinoys in what is the worst waste of democratic space in this side of the world. Once again hinting that we probably shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

Kabataan Partylist is petitioning the COMELEC to, surprise surprise, once again extend the voter’s registration from October 31st of this year to January 12, 2013. However, if we truly wish to engage the people in enticing them to register we should just create more drama instead of extending an event most people don’t go to on regular days. That is to say, we should just create a crisis situation like that in 2009. What this means of course is creating hype and a sense of urgency: manufacturing  dilemmas, prophesy the impending destruction of freedom and values, etc. Unfortunately, this is probably the only way to get people off their lazy, apathetic and apoliticized asses.


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