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A Fascist Tirade on Morals, and Good Taste

Apparently the troll-feed  Innocence of Muslims  is now requested from being shown – if ever it exists – in the Philippines. Butthurt Moros are currently petitioning the Supreme Court in preventing the potential lulzfest the movie may make. Hopefully they can stop whoever is making the ‘peaceful’ followers of Mohammad go on a killing frenzy. Citing the “this crap insults my faith system” clause in our laws and the uproar caused when Medeo Cruz placed a penis in front of Jesus Christ. Admittedly the fatwas declared by, what even the Moro Islamic Liberation Front would consider barbaric assholes, may even force the government to censor the movie.

It’s like the Dark Ages!

The Philippine’s own Salman Rushdie, Lawyer-Activist Harry Roque,  meanwhile is crying foul with the proposal. Declaring the censorship of the film as an assault on liberal rights and provides an obligatory comparison to Martial Law edicts of moratorium on tastes.

While I agree that free speech is important in the “marketplace of ideas” that all men must go, my blog must lend its support with the clerico-fascists on this case. Not so much on insulting religious sentiment and steering clear of danger but repudiating crass that passes of as film. It’s not even comparable to the racist drama-bomb Aryan KKK flic Rise of a Nation, but rather, a sad hate machine designed to insult the most humorless wonders of the third-world. My college video project has a better script.

In the same vein one could even argue that the entire oeuvre of National Artist for Film and Arts be banned from ever being shown in cable altogether. Heck, we might even be so bold to burn every copy of his God/Allah -awful films in a ritual-esque bonfire of the unwarranted vanities of someone who believes that their work is “art”.


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