Sex-Ed, it cometh

A couple of years back, I heard an argument from a sexually-active film maker how you can’t get pregnant if you only have sex the first time. It shocked me considering I have spent much of my high school – and my life as it is – practically abstaining from sex due to fear of Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Considering the rise of HIV/AIDS cases in the country it might even be a good life choice despite the scorn and mockery. More disturbing is how the epidemic is spreading in my hometown.

Recently the rumor-mill in our school was abuzz when one of our own is apparently infected with HIV. The worst part of it is some irresponsible radio “journalist” decided it was in the best interest of the community to air the name of that victimized virus-carrying harlot. Sure the poor girl will be stigmatized for the remaining days of her shortened life, but what matters is public safety and good ratings. Journalistic Ethics be damned.

Thankfully the more hard-headed and conservative elements of our society are finally realizing the importance of imparting reproductive knowledge. Hopefully this 180 degree turn can arrest this disturbing trend of promiscuity and ignorance about the bits between our legs.

The CBCP a few weeks ago finally revealed its guidelines for teaching Vatican-approved guidelines for teaching the youth about sex-ed. While the Church probably won’t tell you location of the nearest abortionist clinic, the realization that the flock needs help in knowing what happens when “pina-pairal ang libog” (letting lust overwhelm) is a positive step forward for the entire religion. Because when somebody pops your cherry, baby-girl, you can get pregnant.


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