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Original Filipino Blogger

The recent “cyber-bullying” campaign against Tito Sotto and apparently Newsweek’s Fareed Zakaria tells us that citations are serious business.

As a blogger in the plethora of blogs that ring across the Filipino cyberspace, much less the international blogosphere, there is a great temptation for writers like myself  (?) to rip off somebody’s writing. The two reasons why anyone would want to plagiarize/source from another’s creative works are 1. basking in someone else’s glory and 2. deadlines. The first situation a problem for wannabe celebrity intellectuals. The second a common occurrence for students like myself that need to pass important work in time.

But there is more than intellectual vanity for those who scribble unlike any before. It is the satisfaction obtained in one’s opinion, one’s burned brow and solemnity in the hours of drafting a good piece. However asinine, idiotic or poorly-written a text is – in fulfillment Sturgeon’s Law. The work we pen is still ours. No Senator or international journalist can ever take that glory away.


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