Since the wifi in our department doesn’t allow me to search in Google if there are QR Code signature insertion websites, I’m going to go on limb and say that there is isn’t one or one that hasn’t reached the scale of SCAN.me. Incidentally, I have two QR codes that I’ve made in the span of time I saw the designer of the Web Site in ANC’s Future Perfect. In that span I already have 3 scans for a facebook group in our local college. Which makes me say that the scan marketing tool, so popular in America, has not yet reached our shores in the manner planking reached it months back.

CJC’s cyber tambayan for 2012

But as a person who has to walk, several miles every week just to sign signatures, my brain cells began to see the potential of inserting QR codes into visual documents as a means of socially verifying agreement. Call it laziness, call it evolution, or call it sign.me

Imagine, you need to confirm your consent but your kilometers away from the nearest printer. Instead of physically signing a document with pen and paper, all you have to do is use your sign.me account to insert a generated QR code to inform everyone that your agree to the terms and agreements of the document.

The generated code’s signature id is going to be unique and identifiable for the entire list of signatures. The signature ID is going to contain your account information, document information, date and document authorship. And of course, signature details if there’s any space.

Now if there was only someone who knows PHP, MySQL, HTML5 and has money to burn,



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