Lessons from Robredo

From GMAnews.tv

If power, not adversity, is the true measure of a man’s character then DILG Robredo’s triumphs in his discipline. Jesse Robredo shows to us that becoming part of the reactionary regime doesn’t automatically mean na “lalamunin ka ng sistema”. One can thrive and support the system without even becoming corrupted with the allure of the easy life. And above all maintain a detached professionalism this nation, young and budding, sorely needs.

When we elect congressmen filled with “hot air” and temperamental matrons because of their last name, it does not bode well for meritocracy. Filipinos should not be held hostage to the caprices of local leaders. We must all take part in the politics of  ideas, platforms and performance and not be a wasted pebble in the field. As Rizal teaches us, to offer our lives into a sublime edifice. Sacrifice, as this poorly hidden assassination reminds us, is already presupposed.

It is hard for the wired, blogging population to support the traditional brand of politics in our country. We are naturally cynical. We are naturally progressive. But if we are to move forward collectively as a country, Jesse’s example lights us towards a path of integrity and excellence while collaborating within a den of snakes.



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