Academic Freedom

The Catholic Church and its subalterns are well within their rights to set their own rules. That is their sovereign right to impose their own anachronistic worldview and agenda. Sectarian institutions  are guaranteed that right in the Philippine Constitution. Now whether they’ll boot teachers that support RH is another matter altogether.

Being neither a lawyer nor a theologian I cannot claim any grand revelation on academic freedom in a private school. But as the esteemed senator Miriam Santiago  teaches us on a commentary from Joseph Ratzinger: “Above the pope . . . stands one’s own conscience, which has to be obeyed first of all, if need be, against the demands of church authority.”  A commentary which teaches us that our own personal conscience and the protection of freedom of thought is an important aspect of Catholic doctrine. Plus, Ateneo universities are fairly liberal colleges so you know….

Well however this saga ends – most like with even grander comparisons to the Spanish Inquisition –  it takes some cajones to support a religiously-anathema legislation inside the heart of an ideological state apparatus. So, kudos to the 160 Ateneo professors for supporting the Reproductive Health (Responsible Parenthood, if you want to be politically correct ) Bill. Sure, you get the awesome media time but is pissing off the CBCP and risking your jobs worth defending moral principles?


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