Infra in Mindanao

I never knew what “Imperial Manila” really meant until a few months ago. Apparently, the Capital gets (correct me if I’m wrong) 40 percent of all Internal Revenue Allotment. Which means that the P273 billion in IRA will go mostly in the world’s most congested area. While I don’t denigrate Manileños need for flooding projects and public housing programs, the need for underdeveloped areas like Mindanao is greater.

In our town, we have a provincial road that is paved at a glacial pace.  XSTRATA-SMI’s company spends on the maintenance of a road project that connects them to their future mining pit; inconveniently located in the interior far away from the main roads. Despite the future revenue and potential benefits from billion dollar project, we are yet to see a concrete road that will connect Kiblawan properly. Money I believe is better spent on connecting disparate towns rather than on redundant road-widening projects that DSWD spends.

Which is why Aquino’s plan to raise funding in Mindanao is a positive step for this administration. Increasing investments in key areas of the economy, such as road infrastructure, is a necessary step for the State to address and post-colonial neglect in the island.  And may even make my ride to and fro our houses a lot easier.


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