TV Justice

More than just influencing democracy in this country, television and mass media is also shaping up public institutions. 

Have a clog that needs draining? Need the leaning electricity post of your barangay fixed? Well, no need to be dismissed with snooty government clerks. Just call AKSYON-TV5 and all your problems will dissapear!

MVP’s television news empire is taking the cake for public service. TV5 and their sister channel AKSYON TV is  dedicating their entire “news”  lineup to solving problems government institutions ignore or unable to address for the vast numbers who watch said chanels. Taking their cue from the Bayan Mo! Ipatrol Mo! ratings magnet, TV5 is orienting its public news services with a slew of shows that keep in touch with their opportunity and service-deprived audience (D and E). From free judges (ASUNTO O AREGLO) to therapists (FACE to FACE) and police-work (the entire Tulfo Brothers), Mediaquest is filling the void which taxation is supposed to provide. Much to the chagrin of one Robert Blair Carabuena.

The devil himself.

Carabuena, who was videotaped mauling an MMDA officer, is now facing raps from the blogosphere, twitterverse and every decent human being in the planet. Which would have been completely avoided had not those meddling reporters from TV5 showed it to the rest of the country. Now the whole Philippines know who you are Mr. Carabuena, a douchebag.

those meddling kids……


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