The return of Encyclopædia Dramatica

Encyclopædia Dramatica is/was the best online troll in the planet. In the Philippines, the site received notoriety after Angel Locsin commanded her twitter followers to condemn the site. Since the site was posting “racist” stuff about the Philippines. (search on æ entry on the Philippines to figure out why) Unfortunately, what Ms. Locsin aka Santa Maria couldn’t get at the time was that ED is/was a humor site. In fairness to her however, it’s a dark brand of comedy which many take offense too easily.

Satire at both its worst and finest.

A few years back the entire site shut down. I did not know if it’s because of server issues or litigation. Sufficed to say it was lost to the interwebs with many people wailing the lost of free speech. Then the management directed its contributors to the OH INTERNET site – a lot less funny.

Fortunately, the site is back. Apparently for more than a year now. (Why did no one tell me!!!!)

To everyone who wishes to view the website the first time, be informed that the site only reflects what the rest of the world is saying behind its back. It meant to be taken as a hyperbolic exaggeration of all things we keep saying about stereotypes. From black people to AIDS, æ presents to us the ridiculous idiocies of many ignorant and xenophobic a**holes. Which is then elevated into the absolutely ridiculous  heights.

Now this maybe self-demeaning, to support a “racist web site”. The thing is, it’s just caricaturing so many things people already say about us.

It is not meant to be taken literally.

Then again jokes are half-meant. And always possess a  kernel of truth.


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