Jose V. Abueva

Commentary by Dr. Jose V. Abueva

July 15, 2012

Need for hindsight and perspective. Focused as we may be on the daily headlines, let’s look at the big picture since the mid-1960s, and particularly during the reversal of democratic political development under the Marcos authoritarian regime (September 1972 to February 1986). During this whole period extending to the present, our country has suffered from a collective failure of political leaders and institutions, including the media, in dealing with the nation’s chronic economic, political and social problems.

The EDSA Restoration of the Old Pre-Marcos System. The restoration of our old and debilitating colonial political institutions, leadership styles, and practices after EDSA 1, under the 1987 Constitution, has perpetuated the pattern of failed leadership and institutions, in spite of some exceptional local and national leaders, the “conscientization” of the middle class, and our vibrant civil society and still hopeful reformers.

The malaise…

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