Dedma Lang

  In Robert Greene’s masterpiece, the 48 laws of Power, half the game is choosing your battles. Everyday life is about ignoring things which only leave you worse off should you choose to engage. Like ignoring silly children or persevering in unrequited love. Because even though human beings are addicted to pain, drama and mixed emotions … Continue reading



This is the first part of my classmates film project. The video is about cyber bullying and unsurprisingly, a topic in Computer Ethics. Which I suppose is an important subject since Time and Newsweek consider suicides from cyber-bullying to be just as serious as Iranian nuclear threats and growing tensions between Japan and China. Continue reading


Since the wifi in our department doesn’t allow me to search in Google if there are QR Code signature insertion websites, I’m going to go on limb and say that there is isn’t one or one that hasn’t reached the scale of Incidentally, I have two QR codes that I’ve made in the span … Continue reading


Lessons from Robredo

If power, not adversity, is the true measure of a man’s character then DILG Robredo’s triumphs in his discipline. Jesse Robredo shows to us that becoming part of the reactionary regime doesn’t automatically mean na “lalamunin ka ng sistema”. One can thrive and support the system without even becoming corrupted with the allure of the … Continue reading