Saying Adieu to Vincent’s Page

Goodbye to CJC’s premiere fb page.

As Admin to CJC’s cybertambayan, I feel ambivalent to the eventual collapse to Vincent Sevilla’s self-titular facebook group. Most particularly when it comes because of minor* arguments which we can always cough up to youthful exuberance. Judging the incredibly non-aggresive and peaceful orientation of the school, I can’t help but laugh to what lengths the administration is restraining human nature. Since you really can’t force human nature; all we can do is but guide it.

Coming from a more liberal environment where dissent is not only allowed but in a way celebrated, I feel this whole brouhaha is an overreaction. A landmark event which is deserving of my brand of vitriol. Kinda like the time when I walked out in Elementary because of  pedagogical differences.**

This is me angry.

Resistance is futile. Prepare for Assimilation.

* I use minor here because I’ve seen a lot worse things worth fighting over.

** Namely, fidgeting examination results. Which apparently was scuttled thanks to a non-cooperating teacher. Wonder how that worked out.

Link relevant:  if you think our school though is the Catholic Taliban’s Madrassah check this high school out. They don’t believe in tampons. Tampons!?


One thought on “Saying Adieu to Vincent’s Page

  1. Freedom of speech. everyone is entitled to their opinion, on top of that, you are entitled of your own opinion. I have no say in this xD I’ve never been to the group anyway, but I agree sa imong comment about CJC and how it does not promote how to manage social problems.

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