CCT and ME

The conditional cash transfer program gives a lot of people boatloads of cash.I won’t go on to details about how that works. Sufficed to say that is graduated dole-out scheme. Families with more children get more cash. The recipients are also required to attend the seminars scheduled by the DSWD.

So far, it has proven to be a bittersweet pill.

The usual allegations of corruption in many places across the Philippines notwithstanding, the fact that we’re borrowing to cover the billions of pesos being spent is probably counter-productive. I have always believed in that adage of teaching fishing but since we’re practically depleting our fishing supplies I’ll have to use a more sustainable aphorism.

Usual allegations

The CCT for the meanwhile, really is helping a lot of people out of material want. Sure there’s the whole question of sustainability. Yet, people are given money to spend. Which works remarkably well in our area where chronic poverty results in chronic crimes and underachievement. Also, the DSWD gave me a bag for one event in Davao so I must support it.*


*Well since my old woman won an award as one of the country’s best implementors** and swears on the efficacy of the program,  I musn’t counter her publicly.

** I have not seen documentation to prove this assertion.


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