What pisses me off in our local political scene are broadcasters and “journalists” that attack only one candidate. Never giving an iota of praise or a story of their personal achievements. Those people that only attack a public figure for the sake of attacking said public figure. Never basing their arguments on a concrete ideological agenda but obfuscate and utilize every real and imaginary diatribe that pops up. Mostly imaginary.

These pseudo-journalists hide under the cover of objectivity. Well, you know what? There is no such thing in journalism! Our English writers tell us to remove bias from media reports and balance stories. But at the end of the day, the mere fact that you have chosen that story means you’re already biased for those stories.

Whether it be Noynoy’s candidacy, reporting political harassment or publishing PR, journalism is and never will be removed from prejudices. Words are never neutral. To write is already to choose.

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