Pseudo and Actual Journalists

Everyday on the radio, print and online I see and hear a lot of people screaming their lungs off. Usually against select elected officials  who don’t seem to have the stomach impunity. Conveniently ignoring real concerns and positive impacts of said officials. Which escape the breath of so many paid hacks broadcasters who view journalistic ethics as attacking a usurping dictatorship.

A world away from real journalists who make balanced news stories. People who research their articles, interview both sides and work  hard to discern truth. Not to say that these so-called “media” don’t suffer any threat of starvation or loss of livelihood, it’s just that real media have don’t depend on political dole-outs. Real media don’t have the gall to claim balance and objectivity when 99.9% of their block-time is spent bashing people with half-truth or outright lies.

Yet the life of covering the beat is hard. One of the limitations of genuine media is the lack of substantial funding to cover their work. Whether it be reporting crashed vehicles or press cons, the cost of covering those expenses are usually born by the reporters. Reporters like the RMN (Radio Mindanao Network) employees who have to organize a strike just to remunerate the costs of being a journalist instead of waiting commands from their padrinos. All the while maintaining media integrity, ethics and an actual audience.

 In support of genuine journalism and the right of people to live decent lives.


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