Substantiation and Abstraction


Last week, I attended the Davao Debate Union’s seminar workshop on British Parliamentary form of debate. Which is a fascinating subject to discuss because we’re making an important headway with my new org (the erstwhile ORADEC). The most important thing I gained from that experience was how to “define” and substantiate a proposition. Which basically begins by using simple words to describe complex concepts. And trying to link that to an audience which has to be so demanding.

Which brings us to an important point of what it means to “define”.

As a walking thesaurus, I can bring associated words instantaneously on the field. Yet what it means to put a handle on an object or define things with a legal prowess is beyond me yet. Which I will need in order to create a decent thesis.


Now in my third year of IT we have to formulate ideas for thesis, projects, etc. Which is the inevitable outcome of a contributing field of study. IT is not about IT for IT’s sake. It is about complementing real world problems and applying the limitations of hard drives, bytes and binary to improve the existing work of man. From cellphones to pharmacies the new world is but the old one. Gilded as it is by the “web” and “new media”.

For in truth there is nothing new under the sun. Like my planned thesis project of improving internet pedagogy, all we are doing is but an extension of Man’s desire to reach and transmit.

Which creates a grand paradox for my mind ever so “global” as it is. How can I make specific the vague when it is so ready to reverse the solid.


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