Debating Skills +1

Yesterday I attended the Davao Debate Union’s (DDU) free seminar workshop on British Parliamentary debate. Held on the University of Mindanao (UM) Bolton-Campus new AVR room, we had an enlightening time on many important matters affecting debating. Mostly on the exact definitions on what it means to debate.


To support with proof or evidence; verify: substantiate an accusation.

The ability to make concrete what is abstract is not a skill I possess. Which is such a shame since I would like to end any argument with broad sweeping strokes, a good skill for a whip/last speaker but which is not one for the Ministers.

The art of creating dictionary definitions is great way to substantiate an idea. The practice run we had yesterday, I failed to substantiate my definition for the feminist movement and its goal of “gender equality”. Which just goes to tell you I have so many things to do.


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