Secular Values

I do not believe that any human religion has managed to elucidate the mysteries of God. As someone who only recently surrendered to the Almighty (courtesy of dengue) I can’t help but feel a snicker of arrogance from many who claim who or what God is. Jose Rizal himself stated that it is the utmost of arrogance to claim knowledge of the unknowable.

Yet so many of us choose to be blinded by petty sectarian divides which forbids us from knowing truth outside their doctrines. Once I saw Bible belt fundamentalists teaching the “controversy” of Evolution and Creationism to high school students in Digos city. Even worse was my biology classmates insistence on the Divine Plan through the 7 days of creation as “revealed” in the Bible. And what if, God guides our choices through the seemingly chaotic randomness of nature? Does it disprove the existence of a singular guiding light? Or simply because it ruins your comfortable myths that you would choose to ignore scientific and credible fact?




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