Alyansa launched in Kiblawan

Organizing for elections is difficult business. Mass organizing a particularly difficult proposition for a personality-centric political system like the Philippines. But the advantage of having a formal organization to drive a campaign is self-evident. Which is why our main sponsor and patron Governor Cagas of Davao del Sur is preparing the fight for 2013 with launching a new mass coalition: the Davao del Sur People’s Alliance Party (ALYANSA).

Over here, the municipal formation of said group was launched last May 8th. Along with the municipal mayor, barangay captains and persons of note, the launch continues the progression of formal political institutions as a solid political base. Although doubtless, with long leagues to go before we advance towards a meritocratic selection system.

Like MAKABAYAN or Hugpong sa Tawong Lungsod, the new political “party” (better described as a coalition) is founded on the principles of social-justice, self-determination and subsidiarity.

Now, having read a billion charters and by-laws subsidiarity is a new thing for me. Mostly because it allows freedom of movement and marching orders to take the initiative. Unlike many charters that demand unfailing obedience from a centralized committee.

NO pic available but pic relevant

A few points I have to add though is the lack of a any push for social media. It’s still a conservative game  with the same medium( personal contacts, house-to-house, text) as the primary method of organizing. Which leaves a lot of room for expansion and consolidation.

NB: Thank God no one reads this blog. Apparently it was still top secret when this was written.


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