Project for the next few months

Currently I’m waiting for my reply from the municipal government for my summer job application. Lounging around in our house for the past few days I’ve already started on my project for the 2013 elections. Namely, a first time voters registration drive for our college. Hopefully it will expand to other schools nearby and improve the awareness of an important issue. I can still recall the clamor for individual responsibility instead of having extended the first time voter’s registration the last election

So instead of sulking over unrequited love and time wasted I have gone over to the Provincial COMELEC office yesterday. I forgot to create a formal letter of request, though I would have made one if I knew who to address the letter to. 


Which would have been unnecessary if we made an effort to register first time voters months earlier

Now, elections are a tricky business in the Philippines. Complicated by the Pinoy tendency to leave things off until the very last day. In order to solve a problem however, you need simple and concrete steps that get you from point A to point B. Hakbang-hakbang na pagkilos ika nga
Hopefully I can gather sufficient data to present and make concrete the abstract. It is after all the scientific method of analysis.

Which is where the COMELEC visit comes in. Awkward and stuttering as it may be.


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