A “Poor” Division’s hastily made Vision and Mission: I was tasked a week ago to make the Vision Mission statement of our current student council. Like most VM statements I’ve managed to put 50 percent fluff and very little specifics. For the purpose of accreditation and bureaucratic mishigosh I give you the CSD’s “platform“.

1. School Participation
2. Inter-school participation
3. Inter-divisional cooperation
4. Officers and Leadership
5. Academic Excellence
6. IT excellence
7. Non-academic excellence
The newly elected CSD (Computer Studies Department) local council shall be guided by the charism of the Sacred Heart vows to pursue academic, social and moral excellence. Based on the three pillars of Apostleship, Community and Excellence the CSD-LC shall craft a holistic policy of improving the students of Information Technology and Computer Science.
1. Improving the participation of the aforementioned students in school activities particularly in the field of inter-division competition
2. Participate in activities organized by IT bodies outside the campus in the pursuit of academic, social and employment excellence.
3. Supporting the CSG (College Student Government) in the field of Information Technology, utilizing the creative juices for the used of the school and activities which improve the social utility of CSD students.
4. Train and improve student leadership by integrating officers and volunteers in the process of being responsible and organized student leaders.
5. Integrate and support the academic curricula and become a platform for academic discussion in all year levels.
6. Become a platform for improving research and knowledge base outside regular curricula with the intent of utilizing learned skills in personal and social utility
7. Utilizing the resources granted to the council the holistic improvement of CSD students.


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