Trending now, or I thought this stuff was a given.

The Godless Communist faggots strike again!

This time with an assault on the Holy See with a blasphemous pic of a man being pummeled by a security guard. Sure the whole event could have been handled more diplomatically. But what’s the point of being a Catholic if you can’t relive the whole affair with the Inquisition?



What’s worse is that this Karlos Manlupig dares to defile the Church by sharing it on Facebook and calling it doctrinal hypocrisy! Doesn’t this Manlupig know that damnation await those who criticize the prelate and the guidelines on good grooming!

Worry not my brothers and sisters. God’s punishment will hopefully await those in heaven and not on Earth. No matter how gruesome their crimes on Earth. We only have to wait for this Karlos Manlupig to get his just desserts in heaven for espousing a more equitable congregation. The nerve!


One thought on “Trending now, or I thought this stuff was a given.

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