90’s kids, we never grow old

As a latchkey kid from the sub-urban middle class, we never grew up with substantial parental guidance. Left to our own devices we are the generation lost in individual pursuits. Our primary spirit guides had always been our television set. They became our mentors, guides and moral compass.

In the pursuit of a comfortable life for the whole family, our parents had to focus on their jobs. Our mother and father avoided the life of squalor, in order that we may live the life of not having to walk miles and reach school, allegedly1. Our parents, in order to earn money/social climb/live the bachelor life, left us in the care of yayas and network tv, later on cable tv.

I have always been naïve. My mother told me that just recently. My naivete, it seems completely justified her lack of guidance and tutelage in our family’s life. So too was my father’s penchant for barkadas and gimmicks. They had their own lives to run, apparently.

So now I’m to tell you the way my family influenced my life. Then my sister would be the sole material in this. As someone with absolutely no social practice sufficed to say I am awkward. Socially awkward, impolite and impractical is an apt description of who I am. The castigations and criticisms that have leveled at me from my sister has been the few things that have guided me right more than 6 years ago when I landed in college.

My brother meanwhile has very little to inspire me. As an Aquarian the pursuit of material wealth has been obnoxious to my sensibility. Which is why the accumulation of money is not something which that has motivated me. Especially when it includes picking up money from a wallet, unauthorized.

I am fixed, inflexible, idealistic and impersonal – all Aquarian traits. Yet, I’ve read somewhere that we don’t really grow up. We just learn how to act around other people. Yet this knowledge doesn’t fall out of the sky. It comes from social practice. Social practice, which comes from going out of our comfort zones and causes worth fighting. Something which I’ve only begun to understand just a few years ago.

Mankind must work for an object. Remove that object and you render him into inaction. Although as the strawberry generation, the Arroyo babies, the Muggles that grew up with Harry Potter, we have shallower things to work for. DOTA, text, e-mail and an overseas job are the few things that drive us today. Just so one day we can sit in front of a computer to visit a YouTube video. Reminiscing the shows we grew up in.

1 – Presumably something every parent teaches their children


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