Oyster Mushrooms

For the past 3 months I have been growing Oyster Mushrooms in our house. Whilst growing mold may be considered a freakish science experiment gone wrong in other contexts. My project has allowed me though to lift my ass off temporary poverty by selling them to cajoled neighbors. Which isn’t bad for molds growing on coconot coir covered in plastic bags.

At 100 per kilo it’s still a bargain though. In Manila (where my uncle sells them par avion) the price can fetch for 260 per kilo. Whilst looking initially as a sound investment the problem with the shrooms is the short shelf life. Lasting less than 24 hours yours truly has had to walk entire subdivisions to sell them to wary households. Disappointed that it’s not their rice paddy mushroom.

As a product mostly consumed by Chinese and Japanese the stress of the medicinal value of the organically grown food is a given. I only have to spray with water and voila! Mushrooms growing out of the bags!


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