An Open Letter to the #OccupyWallStret movement.

To the protesters, progressives, activists and politicians, Good day to you all. May your movement bring about positive change in you country. Seeing as how whatever fad is popular we have a sad way of emulating it a few years from now, it is my conviction that both our countries could benefit from my proposal. So, you could just as easily help us as you help yourselves.

Yet in order to understand the nexus between political power and finance capital is to understand the mechanisms that allow it to prosper in your country. It is to accept that a most radical change to your Constitution is in order. It is to accept that American arrogance and the fear of tyranny is overrated. It is to accept that you are plumbers trying to fix a pipe without turning off the flow of water.

You have a flawed system. As we Filipinos have a flawed system inherited from our colonial pasr. The illusion that America has the “finest system of governance” ever devised means that you are stuck with political institutions which are prone to gridlock, corruption and inefficiency.

The solution is to adopt a system which will affect both our countries positively. The adoption of a Parliamentary form of government. Prominent among which is the Westminster style followed by Singapore and other more developed countries. This is more efficient because it fuses the powers of the legislative and executive. Eliminating the friction that exists in Presidential systems because of the filibuster and “separation of powers”. It is also less prone to corruption because the majority group would have to be corrupted. As opposed to a Presidential system which only has to focus on one individual.

There are other reasons. For now they will suffice.

I know I know, we should get a better logo.


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