The Final Solution to the Overpopulation Question

Holy Mother Church disagrees with Rep. Edcel Lagma when in comes to the RH bill. Vast mountainous terrain is still available for migration and settlement. No matter what ecologists, common sense and an overcongested urbanized communities living in shanties scream at us. The solution is just migrating people to areas where practically no social services are available.

So the Communist Lagman need not worry about squatters. After all Visayas and Mindanao are still vacant. Despite the lack of arable land, freshwater resources and social services in the countryside.

Yet even if the problem does not solve itself by political engineering (such socialists!) and logic, one solution does present itself. Not only will it solve the chronic housing deficit but our food shortage as well. It may not be kosher. But by God Cannibalism can work!

Which is good news for us all. We no longer have to be burdened with the evils of socialism. Why do we have pay deadbeat taxes? Why does the State force us to surrender our lives and souls to the temple of self-sacrifice and reason in the name of “social justice”. Or even pragmatic programs so as to avoid greater dangers?

So no Mr. Lagman, you can shove your socialism elsewhere!


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