Why we still need public education. Part III

Yet despite the efficiency and inferiority (admittedly a lot of public schools are undermaintained) the fact is few of the middle and the underclass can afford to pay the high cost of private education. Or pay 20,000 field trips. Education is still a gateway to greater opportunities and a social enabler. As a society it is in our best interest not to treat education as a commodity like rice.

Obligatory Activist Picture.

Rather treat education as a socially exchanged value.

Consider, the value of education exists outside of the academe. It works as a pool from which the business, public and non-profit sectors draw up a talent pool trained to fulfill specialized work. Work such as engineering, nursing, accountancy and even business management has to be taught in specialized schools. We as a civilization with the current rate of production cannot return to the medieval system of journeymen and apprentices. After all, it takes technocrats to create iPads.

But of course it ain’t free.

Since the corporations benefit from the existence of an educated workforce it is up to them to chip in. Levied from a general tax the STate would have to collect taxes and pay the universities and schools across the country. No matter how “socialist” that would be.

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Curious regarding the feasibility of emu farming. I think saw one like this in the Davao highlands once.


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