Why we still need public education. Part II

There was once a time when public education was not public. As early as the 1800’s the concept for a free at point of use education was not in everyone’s lexicon. With the rich or middle class the only ones able to afford education in Catholic institutions like de la Salle or Ateneo. When the Catholic orders were the only schools around.

With the American Occupation came a burgeoning of public schools. Most popular of which is the University of the Philippines which granted to poor but deserving students a chance to improve their lot. Along with the PUP, PNU, and other commerce colleges built in Manila. Giving the Philippines a better education system than our previous Spanish masters could.

Class War

Some people claim that we would have been better off if the Americans did stay. After the departure of direct American rule everything has been declining ever since. First came Marcos. Then the Oligarchs.

With the dominion of Oligarchs and their companeros in the political class the tide has shifted for public education. Not just corrupt bureaucrat capitalists they have adopted an ideological attitude to crush the free education slant. Basing its policies on an ideological slant for “liberty” and the American Way.


Neoliberalism, the ideology in vogue, teaches our intellectual elites that private education is better. Based on the principles of the “free market” and the invisible hand education is being treated as a commodity to be bought and sold. No longer a “right” or public good to be taxed by the evils of the socialist State.

No more should the freeriders of people’s taxes be freely given education. In its stead private education, which is cheaper in the long run, will be given free rein to establish their trade. Increasing their tuition fees at will. Fulfilling the laws of Supply and Demand. Making the education sector more efficient than a bureaucratic public school.


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