Why we still need public education. Part I

Coming from a public school I can’t help but agree that private education is “better”.Better facilities, better teachers and better environment. Not the shitty “training” passed as an excuse to compensate for public universities crappy facilities. Yeah, we’re supposed to McGuyver are laboratory from thin air. Great.

Yet private education just isn’t affordable. My current tuition is 16k. Others going as high as 20k. Whereas public education costs the students less than 8k today. No question then where poorer students go.


Pubic education still is not “free”. The wages, outlay and research required to educate students has to come from somewhere. In private schools this is from grants and tutition fees direct. In public schools this is through taxation. Which is then divided by the assigned State bodies.

Here then lies the rub. Just how much of our money actually goes to education. As opposed to being diverted to personal coffers. Should the people carry the burden of taxation to educate themselves? Or should private enterprise carry the cudgels of educating our youth?


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