Has Facebook gone the way of MySpace?

Shitty glitter destroyed Friendster. God I hated friendster. It was overrated. People poo-pooed me for not having a shitty overrated account. Facebook is much better. With all the applications and streams. I fear though its going the way of MySpace. With all its graphical decorations that was overkill.

So I tried to sign up for the new Facebook Timeline. I changed to another computer that didn’t prosthelytize the Bhagavad Ghita. Since the browser was probably hacked by an Indian hacker. After changing to an English language chrome I began exploiting the developer SDK (that’s where people make apps!). I am shifting to the new Timeline post. It’s still confusing though.

So far you can review all the crazy posts you’ve posted in you’re entire life on Facebook.Thanks to a bar right of the banneresque photo. With the online life pretty much absorbing our entire IRL then by logic your entire soul is now situated in the cloud.

As well as our dark libelous secrets.

I do hope that FB survives this radical noselift. I’m loving it too much. The main fear I have is the effect of millions of Filipinos registered in facebook. Since Phailipinos probably drive the internet into overkill with this. Along with planking.


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