Nestle Short Films

The Nestle short film anthology is the most mindfucking product placement I have ever seen. The series, shown to the public in select SM cinemas features Nestle’s presence in the country for over a bazillion years. Featuring big name stars and (presumably) indie film directors the collection presents one of the finest editing in Philippine cinema (not joking).

The most aggravating short film was the Romeo and Juliet re-imagining. The love conflict between Romina Capuli and Julio Montano alludes to the Shakesperrean play. Twisting the story to fit the Philippines contemporary sub-urban melodrama the writer revolves the conflict around two carinderias.

Once friendly neighbors, the two families emerge in a bitter conflict for customers and recipes. A climax ensuing when Julio spills the secret of their culinary success: Maggi Magic Sarap™. The film ends with the two families uniting after the two eloped. Thereby proving that many of our problems can be eliminated by running away from them.

My most favorite short film though would have to be John Lloyd Cruz and Solenn Heussaff’s torpe love connection. John Lloyd the ever lovable torpe withholds his affection for Solenn’s character. Daring himself to show his love should “signs” from fate should appear. Lo and behold, the signs from simple to outrageous do appear. In the climactic scene where the two get coffee an ominous cap with the words “Date Tayo” are displayed. Presumably because they work in “Date Tayo” Publishing firm.


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