Law of Power # 10

Avoid the unhappy and the unlucky

Rejecting people close to you is difficult. Even more so if they’re your sponsors. So criticizing them directly is a suicide mission. The trick with them is how to get away from their auras so you won’t be affected.

The best way so far I know is to just ignore their whining. Pretty hard when you’re as self-righteous and arrogant as I am. Just let their words pass through your other ear. Which presumably is what people call maturity. The ability to tell complete lies to others.

The ability to wear different masks is the gift of Gods and scam artists. People around you must feel comfortable and excited when they’re around you. You must reflect their tastes and views. Bruce Lee once declared that being water is the trick to excellence. He could have saved me the initial confusion by saying lies and adopting to environment at hand are the keys.

Sadly Christian ethics tells us to tell the truth is Godly. If that’s the case then all Christian I know (except my uncle) are hypocrites. Sure, I’m godless but God forbid should their ungodly ways be torn asunder with Divine Intervention. Maybe then I’ll get a decent laptop.

Success in life means accepting the facts of life. Avoid people who cause you great anxiety and misfortune. Even if they are your own parents. Do not fear to be called an ingrate. It is far important to be successful than have their insecurities spread.

Conversely side with successful people. They can infect you with happiness and wealth. What use is being happy when you’re poor and powerless? Even more important when this law has no potential reversal. Ignore at your own risk.


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