Ardeen Roy Diamante: Amateur Filmmaker

I’ve always had dreams of becoming an amateur filmmaker. I had a comrade once back in the call center who did just that. Such a shame I could really use advice right now. We’re assigned to make an amateur film about the Masters of Deception(MOD). A hacking group from the late 80’s to early 90’s.

Now before the internet, exploded with applications the best way you could communicate across the system was through phones. At this time the best commercial hackers could do was get free phone calls. Unless you were a Soviet Spy then there was ARPANET infiltration for accessing government secrets. Right after the Cold War-era interconnection was cut and replaced by today’s internet protocols.

It takes the time of a rich “heredero” to make great films like Brilliante Mendoza. Regardless, I will pursue my dreams and maybe one day have it shown in a movie screen. Possibly at the Mindanao Film Festival or some other Indie film scene. Anyone got a camera?


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